Why Customers Love the Pendants


I purchased the pendant because it is versatile and can be worn around the neck or wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet. Since my friend loves squirrels, I thought this was a classy piece she would have fun wearing! And the saying on the card that came with it fits her to a tee.

~ Leslie R., Missouri


I purchased an owl pendant for my sister's graduation gift, to honor this rite of passage and remind her to follow her heart. She tells me it's a "meaningful treasure!"
~ Melissa R., Florida


Hummingbird has always meant joy and sweetness to me. Ria's hummingbird pendant offers me a chance to bring that joy and sweetness to my everyday activities and to everyone I encounter.

~ Shannon W., Maryland



Ancient Global Wisdom


From the Celts to the Aztecs, the Native Americans to the Polynesians, indigenous cultures around the world have been receiving guidance from animals since the beginning of time. My native country, the Philippines, is no exception. Dating from
pre-colonial times to this day, those who strive to live in harmony with nature still look to animal kindreds for wisdom. This tradition has left a strong impression on me!


Although I spent much of my growing-up years in the West, I often find myself returning to the traditions of my ancestors and looking to animals for inspiration and different perspectives on pressing dilemmas. Over years, I've learned each animal's spiritual qualities and way of being. In an illustrated card accompanying each pendant, I've inscribed my interpretation of these qualities. 


What's your favorite animal?


We are attracted to certain animals because they hold up a mirror to ourselves. The noble qualities we see in them are often harder to recognize when we are looking inward, but they are there and can be called forward when needed.


This is exactly what my collection is designed to do! It's a way for others to connect with an ancient wisdom tradition, one that has deep personal roots for me as a source of resilience and guidance.


Wearable Art, Meaningful Gifts

The pendants are also appealing to those who want to express their uniqueness, whether as a personal accessory for themselves or as a gift for someone else.


Each animal illustration is painstakingly drawn, inspired by a composite of inspiration images. I then apply color and texture, a nod to my formal training as a printmaker. Finally, I set every illustration into the pendants by hand.


How will you wear it?


The art is set in a 20mm round antique bronze-colored zinc alloy cabochon and finished with a 26" ribbon, so it can be worn as a necklace, choker, or wrist wrap. Each pendant is enclosed with an affirmation card in a biodegradable cellulose sleeve.


The whole package is a tactile, sensory treasure.

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